At Noiz Security, we offer a comprehensive IT procurement service that’s uniquely aligned with our expertise in cyber security. We go the extra mile to recommend, install, configure, and support privacy-respecting hardware and software. Our commitment to security and privacy sets us apart.

Noiz Security extends a full IT systems partnership to businesses, organizations, and government agencies. Our core focus is on security and privacy protection, safeguarding against corporate and state-level threats. This includes end-to-end support and the procurement and installation of cutting-edge systems to protect your valuable intellectual property.

  • Complete IT Solutions: We set up IT systems from the ground up, always prioritizing security in an increasingly insecure digital world. Our comprehensive hardware and software procurement process ensures your company is well-equipped to handle the highest security requirements.
  • Open Source Software: Where possible, we select open source software for its security, ethical principles, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Energy Security: We provide essential energy security with UPS systems, inverters, and failover power solutions, along with surge protection tailored to South Africa’s unique power supply challenges.
  • Cost Efficiency: We prioritize open source solutions and have strategic partnerships with core IT distributors to secure the best possible pricing for your hardware and software.

“Partnering with Noiz Security has transformed our cybersecurity strategy. Their commitment to privacy-respecting solutions and top-notch IT procurement has significantly bolstered our protection against cyber threats. We trust them wholeheartedly.” – Wilmarie Nienaber

We take data privacy seriously. We believe that standards like POPIA and GDPR are not stringent enough. We choose and implement software that adheres to the Free Software Foundation’s definition of ethical software, putting user freedom first and collecting only necessary data for the software’s functionality, ensuring your data stays yours.

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