DeGoogle your phone, the process

If you are not wanting to purchase an already deGoogled device from our online store, then you may want to send a device to us for deGoogling if it is on our list of supported devices.

The process for deGoogling is as follows:

  • Remove the sim card, and any pin numbers or security access.
  • You will lose all data, so be sure to take a backup of your contacts, images, videos etc.
  • Include the original power cable with the device. This will be returned to you once the process has been completed.
  • Ship the device to address provided on your quotation. If you don’t have a quotation, please send an email to with your device make and model.

Payment methods:

  • Cash: If paying cash, include the cash inside the package. Pricing to be provided with the quotation.
  • SEPA: Banking details to be provided, and would require a proof of payment be sent to
  • Monero: This is the preferred method of payment. You will receive a quoted discount, and the address for sending Monero to. We can also provide on-boarding training at a cost of 25 Euro per hour.

The process will take roughly a day. Return shipping may not be available over weekends in some cases.

Things to consider before deGoogling:

  • Any warranty you may have on the device will be void when the device is rooted during the process.
  • There is no guarantee that we can deGoogle the phone, even if your model is on the supported list. In this case the device will be restored to it’s original state, and will be returned, with the original amount, less the return shipping fee.
  • There is the very rare possibility that the device can be permanently “bricked” during the process. We are unable to accept any liability should any damage to the device occur during the process, though great care is taken to ensure that this does not happen.
  • Once deGoogled, the device will start up with a manufacturers warning, concerning a non-standard OS. This can be safely ignored, and is very normal.