The custom, open source deGoogled operating systems are maintained by privacy respecting developers at;

– LineageOS,
– /e/ Foundation,
– GrapheneOS.

All limitations set out by these projects apply to the privacy smartphones and devices sold by Noiz.

Software warranty

We provide a 12-month warranty on software faults only, and will gladly repair the operating system free of charge. Return shipping is not included in the warranty.

Hardware warranty

We receive the privacy phones and other devices directly from the manufacturer, or in the case of refurbished devices, from the repair factory.

However, the moment we flash the operating system (deGoogle), the manufacturer warranty is void.

We cannot therefore, provide a warranty on hardware faults at all.

That being said, we are happy to source / organize a device repair where possible, as a billed service.

Bootloader warning

Device manufacturers often embed bootloader warnings when a custom rom has been installed. While uncomfortable, the warning can safely be ignored and does not affect the function and privacy of the smartphone operating system.