Of course, the ultimate security hack is to ditch your smartphone completely, but the second best thing is to use as secure and private a phone as possible. Our deGoogled smartphones (I’ll call them noiz phones for fun) fit the bill.

You can use a noiz phone for most of your usual activity, without the spying. It comes pre-loaded with some excellent, privacy-focused apps that get you out of the spying technology of the big tech companies whilst giving you the same functionality:


F-Droid app store – For opensource apps and games.
Monejuro wallet – For the private cryptocurrency called Monero (XMR).
Signal messenger – An opensource, privacy respecting instant messaging app.
Element – A federated and secure messaging app that links to private servers running matrix-synapse.
Tor browser – for securely browsing the internet through the onion network.
Brave browser – for securely browsing the clearnet.
Orbot VPN – Tor proxy for apps to bypass firewalls.

Recommended apps:

Session App – Private instant messaging without the need for a phone number.
NewPipe (for viewing youtube)
VLC (for viewing media)
Jitsi Meet (for video calling/conferencing)
K-9 Mail (for email)
OsmAnd+ (for mapping and navigation)