Noiz, a cypherpunk shield in a digital landscape.

Noiz is a cybersecurity company, founded on some fundamental philosophical and moral principals. Specifically, we are founded on anarchy and libertarian principals, and aim to protect a core component of our clients freedom; namely privacy.

The landscape of the world today, appears to be a battle ground of sorts, where certain groups of powerful individuals are attempting to attain full spectrum dominance, including dominance of the human mind through our media, our behavior through systems of commerce and communication, and through our finance. Not only is your data essential to your day to day business, but data feedback is an essential component of any attempt to interfere with or control a human population.

Noiz is dedicated to interrupting this process of dominance, by providing a series of services which interrupt the processes of surveillance, censorship, cyber warfare and mind control, in the hopes that we can protect our clients, and create a digital privacy barrier between individuals, and those state and corporate actors seeking control.

Noiz is essentially a formalized cypherpunk movement, embodying it’s various branches, including libre and open source technology, cryptography, cryptocurrency, end-to-end encryption, censorship resistance, decentralization, et al. These and other components of what we do, tend to offer a necessary protection in the presently evolving hyper surveillance society.

It is necessary therefore to outline some of the scope of what Noiz is, and does. More importantly, what we don’t do for our clients:

  • Noiz does not and will not provide or support any Microsoft products whatsoever. We will also reduce our support for other non-libre non-open source software. There are many companies and technicians who can support Microsoft products, but Noiz has the underlying ethos to focus solely on systems which respect a users Freedom and privacy. Open source software has additional benefit in terms of cost savings, and customiseability.
  • Our email servers support all major email applications, so our mail services are not dependent on which mail client a company or user chooses. We would of course, recommend Thunderbird for a number of reasons.
  • Noiz will provide training, implementation and support for pgp end-to-end encryption, along with direct support for Thunderbird, and K-9 mail clients only.
  • Noiz will implement, train for, and support a range of open source applications, including but not limited to; Linux desktop, Linux server, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, FreeCad, LibreCad, Odoo, Bacula, Monero POS, Monero integrations for eCommerce, K-9 mail, GIMP, InkScape, Kden Live, Remmina, Arduino, etc.
  • Noiz will deploy, and support hosting services for libre / federated and decentralised systems such as; Mastodon, Element (Matrix), Jitsi Meet, Nextcloud, WordPress, Hugo, Peertube, ISPConfig, etc. Nextcloud offers many integrations a company or organization may find useful, particularly around shared contacts, calendars, file storage, file sharing, etc.
  • Noiz will gladly find suitable libre / free software replacements for all proprietary software, and provide implementation, training and support for these suitable replacements.
  • Noiz will be offering cybersecurity services, including;
    • a private cloud sharing and storage service with Nextcloud,
    • an enterprise grade open source network firewall solution called Opnsense,
    • open source aligned end point security through our cisco partnership and ClamAV,
    • backup and disaster recovery service using Bacula community and Bacula enterprise,
    • a financial security system which includes Monero cryptocurrency and a seed vault solution,
    • and more
  • Noiz has an RMM system in place called Tactical RMM, to offer remote monitoring and maintenance, which would include remote support and updates for windows machines, as the RMM itself provides a sufficient alignment with the open source ethos. However, the extent of the support would be limited in scope to basic support related to hardware, resource management, updates and basic system administration to keep the computer operating for the user.
  • Noiz has recently become an official local Odoo partner, and will be available to consult, in a similar fashion to the kind of support sage evolution partners offer for sage, namely;
    • deployment,
    • migration,
    • support,
    • hosting,
    • customisation,
    • integration, etc.
  • Self hosted instances of Odoo operate within our hosted or self hosted Linux server environment, which is a niche specialty of Noiz. Odoo is effectively an open source system, which allows for open source development to extend the core services. Should Noiz find a more suitable ERP, which aligns more closely to the open source ethos, we will replace Odoo with the new software, whilst continuing to support existing Odoo clients.
  • Noiz may be able to procure certain ITC equipment competitively, should the need arise. The scope of this procurement will be defined and outlined on our website, and may include; networking and cybersecurity hardware, 3d printing solutions, open source industrial automation equipment, computational hardware, etc.
  • Unfortunately, we will not be supplying windows operating system with our laptops / desktops, and will only be supplying and supporting GNU/Linux based laptops and desktops moving forward, with Linux Mint being the main supported desktop environment.
  • The procurement service includes various brands of industrial automation equipment, with a specific focus on Arduino, as an open source automation product, which aligns with the open source ethos of the company.
  • Noiz will offer GNU/Linux training at a primary and tertiary level, and also in a corporate context.
  • Noiz will provide and support various methods of encrypted communications, including but not limited to those described previously. We will oppose and resist any and all state level attempts to subvert privacy in communications, and will lawfully resist all attempts to impose surveillance on our services, or on our clients systems.
  • Noiz will place a massive focus on financial decentralisation and privacy, by providing a range of services related to the blockchain based cryptocurrency called Monero. The scope of which is outlined at various places throughout this website. In our research incubator, we will focus specifically on the following Monero related services;
    • Monero integrations – enabling businesses to accept Monero.
    • Decentralised exchange as a service, and training.
    • Escrow exchange.
    • SeedVault.
      Peer to peer exchange.
    • Monero loans.
    • Intermediary procurement, whereby you request an item, we pay for it at the supplier and you pay in Monero.
    • Training and support.
    • Monero point of sale systems.
    • Devices, including metal wallets, hardware wallets, Monero point of sale devices and encrypted privacy phones, with GrapheneOS.
    • A Monero rewards program.

Where do we go from here

A focus on training seems to be an obvious first step, while in today’s volatile war torn digital landscape, an experienced an impassioned partner might be just what you need to keep yourself, and your business protected.