Disrupt the signal.

Vision statement

Noiz primarily is an information technology and cyber security company, founded on the core value of freeing users from corporate and state control, with the use of free and open source technologies. This freedom includes; protecting users’ their private information, aiding in the transition from proprietary to free and open source software, and facilitating the free market through the use of the cryptographic digital currency called Monero.

Mission statement

The companies core objective is to provide hardware and software solutions, installations, implementations, conversions, systems integrations, administration, training and support, all in alignment with the free and open source ethos.

Core values

Noiz is founded on the libertarian core values of freedom, and the protection of fundamental rights, including those enshrined in the free and open source, or Libre community.

Recognizing that there must be a shift in consciousness around what technology is, what it can do, and what can happen if Freedom is not protected, and at the core of our decision making process when it comes to the technologies we choose to use daily.

This core value drives it’s various expressions, namely; providing users the necessary software, hardware, solutions, training and support necessary to transition from being locked into proprietary ecosystems, to being free to make decisions, and to use, modify, share and control the systems that are used every day.

Noiz supports not only free and open source idea, but also private digital currencies, anarchy and the free market in general.

Noiz promises to disrupt the signal. A signal which takes the form of corporate and state control over software, hardware, finance and surveillance. We promise to de everything in our power to offer solutions which disrupt this control, placing freedom and power back in the hands of individual users, and their businesses.


“Government is not a monolithic thing which is your enemy. It is a multitudinous thing which is your enemy.”

“Our dream is to enable the future of human freedom.”

“Today’s technology can either demolish artificial walls, or it can lay the foundation for an Orwellian state.”

With open source technology, “we can prevent the ministry of truth”.

“Cryptography is a weapon which can be used against central planning and surveillance.”

“We are at a critical fork in the road for the future of human freedom”, and Noiz’s vision is to enable that future of freedom.

We get to decide what kind of world we want to build, and you have the power to build it. Noiz is here to help build it.

“Information technology has the real potential to create a 1984 style tyrannical top down control society, or it can develop into something that is a decentralized enabler of human freedom.”

Decentralization of systems.

Inspired by the Cypherpunk movement.

“The long effort to build a self-sovereign and anonymous digital form of money”.

“The title of the book is ‘the rise of the computer state’. Large bureaucracies with the power that a computer gives them, makes them more powerful.

What we are fighting, is a level of automated surveillance unknown in any previous age.

It appears to us that relying on the political process alone to protect freedom and privacy is naive, and only innovation and adoption has the capacity to save us from the presently developing Orwellian state.

Cryptography is the key innovation for combating tyranny. It is a powerful weapon for defeating big brother.

Part of the problem, now that technology has advanced the way that it has, is that certain state and corporate interests have that ability to rapidly inject ideas directly into the minds of large portions of the population. These ideas don’t necessarily equate to truth, freedom, or morality. With two way data transfer, these agencies have the ability to collect information, and use this feedback to adjust the model of their messaging, and customize outcomes. What this means is that states may have already developed an ability to use information to control the mind of large groups of humans. The human mind has not yet developed any natural defenses against this kind of advanced signal distribution, and therefore it is a moral imperative that this signal be interrupted, granting humans space to catch up, and develop the mental firewalls necessary to protect themselves from curated mind control.

Aside: ‘Offense’ is a natural defense of ones own world view. But what happens when that world view is installed or embedded through training, and then is challenged by truth, or by new perspective. Avoiding offending someone is the same as not speaking truth, and may not be very helpful in the fight to keeping human beings free… or rather helping them claim sovereignty over their minds.

“Public key cryptography gives you a mechanism whereby you can recover this ability to have an impenetrably private conversation between two people.”

“Public key cryptography makes it possible to setup a provable identity on the internet completely disconnected from any real world personal information”.

“If you look at what politics are like nowadays, the real wars between the government and the population are information wars and not physical wars.”. Encryption protects a population from corrupted governments.

There is alot of power in providing people tools such that they can successfully start to act more like you would like them to.

Facebook collects information that the East German Stazi would have killed for. While most people are more than happy to hand over this information in return for a few pictures of your highschool friend, there are those who are deeply aware of the dangers to human freedom that these social media giants present.

We are on a quest to build architectures that amplify human freedoms and protect us from the dynamics in the other direction.

What is “the signal”?

The signal, is a control system at it’s core, where there exists a power differential between those humans who ‘transmit’ and those humans who ‘receive’ information, world view, instructions. This power differential is evident in state propaganda and policy, controlled media, and the surveillance state. The summation of this system is essentially mind control. Noiz is dedicated to disrupting this power differential, and this the mind control, in an effort to contribute towards human freedom.