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Noiz is a cybersecurity company, offering a range of digital security services, designed to give you the tools you need to; protect your digital privacy, protect free speech, promote the use of free / Libre open source software (FOSS), enable companies and individuals to use the private cryptocurrency called Monero, bypass censorship with owned alternative platforms, promote the use of decentralised systems.

IT support

Full service, professional IT support for your business.

Remote desktop support

Responsive, knowledgeable remote desktop support at different service level agreements.

Server administration

  • Hardening,
  • Monitoring, and
  • Maintenance

Virtual private networks

Email security

  • Enterprise grade spam filtering,
  • GNU/GPG/PGP encryption.

Remote monitoring and management

Most users need very basic support, which can be handled remotely. Our remote monitoring and management solution enables over site of end points security, resource usage, patch management, and user support.

  • End point auditing,
  • Asset management,
  • Patching and updates,
  • Antivirus and malware protection,
  • Remote desktop support.

Antivirus and malware protection

Open source antivirus solutions for scanning end points and email for malware and other malicious software.

End point protection

Open source antivirus solutions for scanning end points and email for malware and other malicious software.

Encrypted backup and disaster recovery

Enterprise grade, flexible and highly secure backup and disaster recovery systems to ensure the security and integrity of important data, company intellectual property and sensitive information.

Encrypted telecommunications

  • Voice over IP,
  • Encrypted messenger platforms like Signal Messenger, Transmission,
  • Encrypted operating systems.

Networking and firewall

  • Installation
  • Configuration,
  • Monitoring, and
  • Maintenance

Hardware and software procurement

IT procurement plays a key role in the realm of IT and cybersecurity.

Procurement involves the strategic acquisition of both hardware and software solutions, serving as the core of an organization’s IT infrastructure and cybersecurity objectives.

The hardware component of procurement encompasses vital infrastructure elements like servers, routers, and firewalls, forming the bedrock of a secure and resilient network infrastructure. It includes procuring and securing end point systems and peripherals, ensuring a unified approach to setting up and securing an organizations IT infrastructure from beginning to end.

Simultaneously, software procurement encompasses a diverse array of tools, from cutting-edge security applications to advanced antivirus software and sophisticated threat detection systems. This process is paramount in fortifying the company’s cybersecurity position, ensuring that the chosen resources align seamlessly with their security objectives and contribute significantly to a holistic and robust cybersecurity strategy.

Libre / free and open source software support

Linux systems administration, training and support

By default, the GNU/Linux operating system is more robust and secure than Windows. The fastest security improvement you can make in your personal life or business is to switch from Windows to a GNU/Linux operating system.

We offer the following Linux services, at end-point and network layer;

  • Installation,
  • Integration,
  • Customisation,
  • Training, and
  • Support.

Monero services

Being a startup cybersecurity company, run by IT nerds and privacy advocates, obviously the privacy aspect of the cryptocurrency Monero, has piqued our interest and investment. We are offering the following services to customers looking for Monero support.

  • Monero onboarding,
  • Monero training,
  • Monero wallet installation,
  • Monero wallet recovery (where customer has opted in to our seed vault service),
  • Monero Point of Sale,
  • Monero eCommerce integration,
  • Exchange support,
  • Monero node connection and administration.

If you have purchased a deGoogled phone from us, you may notice that you have Cake Wallet installed. Learn how to connect your wallet to our Monero node for fast synchronization.

Encrypted privacy smartphones

Privacy by design smarthphones is the flagship service we offer at the moment.

There are two options:

  • You can either send in a phone for deGoogling (i.e. replacing the operating system with a customized, secure, privacy respecting operating system), or
  • You can purchase one of our deGoogled smartphones, already available from our online store.

Each device comes with a series of carefully selected privacy respecting applications to make your life a bit easier. You can learn more about each app by visiting our Apps page.

Open source enterprise resource and planning software

We have partnered with Odoo to bring you the most versatile and attractive erp system we’ve found.